High School

Welcome to Brescia House High School, where we strive to uphold the values of our Foundress, St Angela Merici, within a continuously changing innovative education environment.

The Grade 7s are part of the Secondary School as they continue their path in the GET (General Education and Training) Phase - Grade 7 to 9. The final phase being the FET (Further Education and Training) Phase of Grades 10 to 12.

Pupils are prepared for the National Senior Certificate examinations of the Independent Examinations Board, and we are proud of our consistently high achievement record in these examinations.

In the 2023 matric examinations, the school once again achieved a 100% pass rate, with 7 placements in the Top 1% of specific subjects.

High School

High School Head Lori Borello

Message from the Head

Experts in the educational field have commented that the 21st century learners need to be global citizens; they must be able to use the web 2.0 technology and the social networking opportunities it opens; their physical classroom should move beyond the walls of the traditional classroom and their learning must promote interdisciplinary activities which are project and research based. Our patron saint, St Angela Merici - living in the 15th century and a woman ahead of her time - encouraged her followers to embrace change. "Act, move, believe, strive, hope and pray with all your heart and without doubt, you will see marvellous things", she said. At Brescia House School we see God's miracles in our learners every day.

The School succeeds in delivering to society learners who meet these criteria - each young woman is supported in all facets of her development to achieve to her full potential. Learners are able to utilise their opportunities to contribute positively to the future of South Africa and the global society - they are highly skilled, behave ethically, are tolerant, service-oriented and mindful of the environmental needs for conservancy in order to ensure a safe and prosperous future for all citizens.

Brescia House School embraces diversity and follows the counsel of St Angela, our patron saint, to "live in harmony, united together in one heart and one will. Be bound to one another by the bond of charity, treating each other with respect, helping one another, bearing with one another in Christ Jesus; if you really try to live like this, there is no doubt that the Lord our God will be in your midst".

Mrs Loredana Borello

Head girls 24 formal for website

Message from student leaders

As the Head Girls of 2024, our vision is to foster an environment where every girl can ‘Be the Light’. Our vision is inspired by Matthew 5:14-16, telling us that we should let our light shine so that others will see our good works and glorify Our Father in Heaven. In our sisterhood, this means that we believe that every girl can find their niche, shine their light, grow and ignite the light in others.

At whatever point you join the Brescia community; every girl walks into our school gates as an individual and walks out as a member of a sisterhood that truly feels unbreakable. Throughout our journey at Brescia, we have learnt the true value of togetherness, the importance of service to those within and outside of our community and the power that even the smallest acts of kindness can hold. The rewarding feeling of uplifting others to thus uplift ourselves has been central to our everyday interactions at Brescia and is precisely the feeling we aim to grow in our vision. Being part of this sisterhood is a feeling that transcends the walls of our school, with fellow Ursuline sisters worldwide- allowing us to feel a sense of belonging wherever we go in the world.

One of the many unique things about Brescia is that the culture and ethos of our school is not only something taught, but something cultivated and driven by every girl in the school. The Serviam banner sprawled underneath our badge is bigger than just our school motto. It is who we are - we live to Serve, and this is indelible to our school culture. As Brescia girls, we value Strength in Unity above all. Whether it is motivation in the classrooms, support from the audience on stage, or encouragement on the sports field, we are always there for each other. Transcending age, race, and culture, the connection among us forms the sisterhood that our school proudly embraces. We value each other, our successes and mistakes, our ideas and opinions and everything in between.

To our Brescia Sisters; we want you to not just hear about our school values but experience them. We want our relationships built on love, charity, caring and kindness to be omnipresent in our school. Brescia will always be a safe space for you to be yourself and embody the qualities that make you special. Our school offers various avenues for self-expression through various programmes, extra-curricular activities, and committees. We thus encourage our sisters to utilise all of these spaces.

We want you to know what it feels like to see your sisters shine and have someone light your candle too.

Grace Daly (Deputy Head Girl), Palesa Ntsoane (Head Girl) and Tiyani Mathebula (Deputy Head Girl)

About our High School

Welcome to Brescia House High School, where we strive to uphold the values of our Foundress, St Angela Merici, within a continuously changing innovative education environment.

Innovation in Academics

Brescia House School strives to provide opportunities that enable its pupils to perform to the best of their abilities as life-long learners capable of shaping the future.

Sporting Vitality

Emphasis is placed on sporting activities as a way of encouraging social interaction, co-operation, sharing and teamwork.

Cultural Flair

Brescia House School provides a unique learning experience through a wide selection of cultural activities.

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