Brescia House School is an independent Catholic girls’ school, which serves the Catholic community but welcomes children of any denomination.

Please take note of the criteria, admissions dates, and processes to ensure applications are done timeously and correctly.

Admission is not automatic for any child and the school may ascertain that a pupil will thrive better in a different environment.

Applications for 2023 and 2024 are now open.


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Admissions criteria

Admission to the school is weighted by whether the prospective pupil:

  • is a Catholic
  • has a sibling in the school
  • is the daughter of a past pupil
  • belongs to a previously disadvantaged group
  • the date of application

The School’s data programme automatically weights applications according to these criteria.

The school accepts no more than:

  • 24 pupils into each grade R class (total 72 pupils)
  • 26 pupils in all other classes (total of 78 pupils per grade)
  • In emergencies or to accommodate the sibling of another pupil a 27th pupil may be accepted into a class.

The statistical age norm per grade is the grade number plus 6, e.g. Grade 000 - 3 turning 4; Grade 00 - 4 turning 5; Grade 0 - 6; Grade 1 - 7; Grade 2 - 8; Grade 3 - 9; Grade 4 - 10; Grade 5 - 11; Grade 6 - 12; Grade 7 - 13; Grade 8 - 14; Grade 9 - 15; Grade 10 - 16; Grade 11 - 17; Grade 12 - 18.

A pupil will generally be accepted into grade R in the year in which she turns 6.

Admissions policies, regulations and provisions are determined by the Board of Governors in conjunction with the Heads of the primary and secondary schools.

Generally, enquiries, school visits, tours and admissions are handled by the school’s Admissions and Marketing Department. He/she consults the relevant Head for placement.

Grade 8 admissions involve an academic entrance exam and an interview with the High School Head. All other applicants for the other grades are interviewed by the phase and assessed.

Successful applicants for places in grade R and grade 8 are contacted by email prior to the starting date. Offers made must be accepted in writing.

Admission documents

Apply online: Brescia Bears Grade 00-000
Brescia House (Grade R-12) admissions policy
Apply online: Brescia House Grade R-12

Application process

A non-refundable amount of R500 application fee is payable when application is made. Applications are to include the details and consent of both parents of the child. In any other legal instance, proof of parental or guardian authority will need to be provided. If your initial application is older than 1 year, please re-submit (at no additional cost) if any details have changed.

The admission process includes a fee clearance check with the applicant’s previous school and the parents’ credit check if consent is signed by both parents. Non-resident parent acceptance will be based on individual circumstances as discussed and agreed during the initial interview. To find out how you can apply or if you have any queries please contact our admissions team

Tuition Fees 2023 (Grades 000-00)Tuition Fees 2023 (Grades R-12)
Banking details are as follows:
Account Holder
Brescia House School
Standard Bank
Branch code
Branch name
Hyde Park
Account Number
Your daughter's surname, initial, grade and year of entry
Proof of payment

Bus service

The Brescia House School Bus Service* is running smoothly and we are very pleased with the route and the timing of the service.

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