Tuition Fees: Grades R-12

School fees have been set at the following levels for 2024
GradeANNUAL FEE including discount. Payable by 31st January 2024ANNUAL FEE – PAYABLE TERMLY. Due 1st day of each termMONTHLY FEE - Payable via debit order. January - October
R96 62533 72510 570
1, 2, 3111 06038 76512 155
4, 5, 6130 26045 46514 465
7138 26048 38015 165
8, 9143 99550 26015 755
10, 11, 12157 64555 02517 250
Tuition fee covers:

Tuition, core curriculum-based activities inclusive of transport to local destinations for school outings, sport, and cultural events, refreshment for all social events, class readers for primary school, reference and library books, pupil insurance cover for the academic year, hearing and eye tests for Grade R & Grade 3, 1 x retreat, Purple Mash license (Gr R - Gr 6), student card, Mathletics (Gr 1-Gr 6), Reading Eggs (Gr R - Gr 6), all Olympiads and IXL programs (Gr 7- Gr 12).

Payment options

A tuition fee is invoiced in line with your chosen payment option. Parents are requested to check the statements and contact the Bursar's office immediately if there are any queries. All fees are payable in advance unless administered by the school's debit order. If the billing option is not chosen, billing/payment option 2 applies.

Payment options
Payment option 1Annual Fee – payable by no later than 31 January 2024. This is subject to a discount already included in this schedule. If the annual Fee is not settled in full by 31 January 2024, the discount will no longer apply.
Payment option 2Annual Fee paid termly – Three payments per annum, payable in advance on the first day of each term.
Payment option 3Monthly fees – Ten monthly payments payable via Debit Order, administered by the school. We offer three (3) debit order dates 5th, 26th and the last business day of the month. We require a new debit order authorisation form to be completed each year. Application for such arrangement must be made before 1 December 2023. An administration fee of R200 will be charged for each month the amount remains outstanding. All monthly payments incur interest.
Other compulsory termly charges
PTA / Development levyR515 (2023) - Per family per term
Computer levyR300 - Per pupil per term
Art levy (Grade 10-12)R750 - Per pupil per term
Consumer studies levy (Grade 10-12)R780 - Per pupil per term
Consumer studies levy (Grade 8-9)R350 - Per pupil per term
33.33% per termSibling rebates are applicable to the third child in the school and each additional child thereafter.
4.5%Full Annual fee payable before 31 January 2024
5%Alumnae discount – terms & conditions apply. Please contact for more information
VariousWe award a limited number of academic, sport, music and cultural Scholarships* from Grade 8 to Grade 12. The scholarship award is subject to terms and conditions.
*For external pupils entering the Grade 8 academic year, we offer academic scholarships. For current Brescia House School pupils, academic, sport, and cultural scholarships are offered.
VariousThe School has registered an Education Trust, managed by a Board of Trustees, that aims to create a lasting legacy through the offering of bursaries in the High School for disadvantaged girls.
To find out how you can participate or contribute to this cause, please contact

Please note that applicable discounts only apply once, e.g., the school does not grant an early bird discount in addition to a sibling discount on the same fee account.

Please take note of the following information:
Arrear accountsAn account will be deemed arrears if the total amount due has not been paid as elected or by the 1st day of each term.
All outstanding accounts will be handed over for collection to the school attorneys, and all costs, including the handover fees, charged between the attorney and client(school) will be for the account of the parent, guardian or responsible person. No student will be allowed to attend a camp or tour or write a public examination unless tuition fees are up to date. These charges are due and payable on the presentation of an account.
Incidental chargesAlthough the school attempts to keep additional charges to a minimum, parents can expect incidental charges invoiced to their school fee account from time to time. You will receive information on any charges from the school before the amount is billed to your daughter's account.
All additional charges must be paid in full by the end of each term.
InterestIt is payable if fees are not paid on time. The interest rate is prime +2%
Matric - IEBThe cost of 2024 IEB Matric examinations, each Advanced Programme subject fee, and any other Matric examination fee will be communicated to you. To facilitate your daughter's registration, IEB fees must be paid directly to the school by the beginning of Term 2/2024. Non-payment will result in your daughter not being registered for IEB Matric examinations.
Pupil acceptance fee (PA fee)Upon acceptance of a place, a non-refundable fee is required to secure your daughter's place.
Withdrawal noticeA full term's written notice emailed to the relevant Head of school is required to discontinue enrolment and any other facility (i.e. Music lessons) offered by the school.
If a notice is not given within 1st week of each term, i.e. 7 working days from and including the 1st day of the term (latest by 26th January, 17th May & 16th September 2024), a full termly tuition fee will be charged in lieu of notice.
Withdrawal of educational serviceThe school reserves the right to restrict the admission or withdraw educational services of any pupil in respect of whom monies due to the school are outstanding as per School and ISASA policy.
Acceptance Fee 2023
Grade RR 28,350
Grade 1R 29,400
Grade 227 195
Grade 322 785
Grade 4-718 375
Grade 830 000
Grade 924 990
Grade 1019 425
Grade 1112 810
Grade 126 090

Banking details:

Account Name: Brescia House School Bank

Standard Bank, Hyde Park

Branch Code:006605

Account Number: 610175742


Your account can be paid via EFT, Debit Order (administered by the school) or Credit Card (surcharge applies). For safety reasons, we are not able to accept cash payments.

If you have any queries regarding fees or charges, please contact: or

The scholarship exam for Grade 8 usually take place in February/March each year. The school follows the ISASA rules as to when the results of the scholarship will be made public. Scholarship offers will be made on the date determined by ISASA and according to the School Policy.

The potential bursary candidates (Grade 8 only) are invited to write an English and Mathematic exam and they are interviewed by the Head of the High School before selection is made.

Should you have any queries, please contact our Marketing and Admissions team at