Foundation Phase

In the Primary School there are two phases namely, the Foundation Phase - Grade R to 3 and the Intermediate Phase - Grade 4 to 6.

Foundation Phase

Message from the Head

Primary School Head

Primary School at Brescia House School begins in the Foundation Phase for Grade 0 to Grade 3, and continues in the Intermediate Phase for Grade 4 to Grade 6. We celebrate our strong Catholic Ursuline ethos, a heritage that provides a grounded foundation for innovative curriculum delivery which is fundamental in meeting the needs of every student in a constantly changing world.

At the heart of our learning experiences is a focus on developing learning how to learn, and inspiring a love of learning for life. Academic rigour underpins the curriculum while creating diverse opportunities to explore an individual’s understanding of concepts, skills and ideas.

We encourage active and committed participation in all aspects of the spiritual, academic, sporting, and cultural life of the school. Our emphasis is on identifying and developing the strengths of each of our students to achieve their personal best through the varied teaching and learning practices.

The spirit of St Angela, the visionary foundress of the Ursulines, is embedded in our motto and ethos of Serviam, “I Will Serve”. Three characteristics of St Angela’s thinking are consistent in our approach: caring, strength in unity, and relationships based on love and charity. Our students are guided towards purposeful understanding of their place in the world, the importance of the role they will each play in it, and a responsibility in caring for themselves, each other, and the environment.

– Mrs Deborah Zambon

About our Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is an important phase where the foundations of Academics are laid and where Emotional and Social growth are equally important.

Innovation in Academics

The Foundation Phase is a happy and caring environment where the pupils explore, code, play, learn, discover and have fun.

Sporting Vitality

Emphasis is placed on sporting activities as a way of encouraging social interaction, co-operation, sharing and teamwork.

Cultural Flair

Beyond their classes, students will participate in a wide array of integrated cultural activities throughout the week.

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