Innovation in Academics

About our Foundation Phase

The Foundation Phase is an important phase where the foundations of Academics are laid and where Emotional and Social growth are equally important. Grounded in our Catholic Faith, the girls are guided and encouraged to be critical thinkers, resilient and independent learners who work collaboratively and confidently with kindness and a sense of respect for others. A strong sense of accountability for their own learning is also fostered.

Opportunities to explore and discover are provided and a busy productive energy is felt every day within the walls of the classroom and beyond into the outside play areas. Learning through experience considers different learning styles and approaches and caters for the individual.

Our Innovation Station is an exciting new learning space where the girls develop critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, perseverance, and creativity, through the use of digital technologies. The Foundation Phase is committed to advancing the use of technology, fostering inclusivity, and creating a growing awareness of diversity and a strong sense of belonging. The girls are prepared for the Intermediate Phase and future demands of the 21st Century.