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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

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Educational Phase
Educational Phase Grade Monthly Payment payable via debit order. January - October Fees per Term 3 termly
payments on first day
of term
Annual Fees including discount payable by 31st January 2022
Reception Phase
R9 060
R 29 320
R 85 320
GET (General Education and Training) – Foundation Phase
1, 2, 3
R 10 410
R 33 700
R 98 065
GET (General Education and Training) – Intermediate Phase
4, 5, 6
R 12 215
R 39 525
R 115 020
GET (General Education and Training) –
Senior Phase
R 13 000
R 42 060
R 122 395
GET (General Education and Training) –
Senior Phase
8, 9
R 13 500
R 43 690
R 127 140
FET (Further Education and Training) –
10, 11,12
R 14 780
R 47 835
R 139 200
Arrangements for monthly debit order authorisation may be requested at

Monthly fees include a 5% premium on termly fees.

Brescia House School Alumnae with lifetime membership status qualify for a  5% discount on termly fees. Please note that the annual fee discount will not apply. Special conditions are applicable*


The Fee covers the following:

Tuition, core Curriculum-based activities inclusive of sports, transport to local destinations for school outings, sport and cultural events, refreshments for all social events, class readers and reference books, printed documents received from the school, pupil insurance cover for the academic year, hearing and eye tests for the GRR & GR3, the costs of 1 outing & retreat per year, annual Purple Mash licence (Gr 1-6),  student card(new), and all Olympiads and IXL programmes (GR7-12)

Notice Period

Parents are required to give a full term’s notice at the beginning of the term, in writing to the relevant Head, if it is their intention to remove their child from the school to avoid the equivalent termly fee being levied. The same applies for the music centre. Failure to pay this fee may result in legal action and all costs thereto will be for the account of the debtor.


Stationery and textbooks

Stationery and textbooks may be purchased directly from the school’s recommended suppliers or a supplier of the parent’s choice and are not included in the fees.


Sundry charges

Although the School attempts to keep additional charges to a minimum, parents can expect incidental charges to be debited to their account from time to time. You will receive information of any changes from the school before the amount is billed. The cost per pupil varies from grade to grade and their individual subjects or co-curricular choices. All additional charges must be paid in full by the end of each term.

Other Compulsory Termly charges

  • PTA/Development levy                      R515 per family per term
  • Computer levy                                    R200 per pupil per term
  • Art levy (Gr 10 – 12)                            R650 per pupil per term
  • Consumer study levy (Gr 10 – 12)    R650 per pupil per term

The cost of the IEB matric examinations and each Advanced Programme subject fee will be communicated to matric student’s parents by Mrs G Jacobs.

Theses fees must be paid directly to the school by the beginning of Term 2/2020 to facilitate your daughter’s registration and will not appear on your statement.


Overseas tours

Overseas tours are only open to pupils when the fee account is in good standing.


General Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply:

6.1. Sibling discounts
  • First child – Full fees
  • Second child – Full fees
  • Third child & thereafter – Full fees, less 33, 3% for third/fourth child

Please note that applicable discounts only apply once, e.g. the school does not grant an early bird discount in addition to a sibling discount on the same fee account.

6.2. Options for Payment of Fees

There are three options for the payment of fees – annual, termly and monthly (over 10 months between January and October).
Parents shall be invoiced on the basis of the payment method chosen (see attached form) and, where applicable, interest shall apply on the outstanding balance at month end until the account is paid in full.

Annual payment

  • An annual payment should reflect in the School’s bank account before the close of business on 31st January 2021.
  • Should the full annual fee not appear on the School’s bank statement on or before 31st January 2021, the early payment deduction will not apply. Please ensure that your payment is received on time.

Termly payment

  • Tuition fees are payable termly, in advance, but by no later than the 1st day of each school term. They are payable by EFT, cheque or debit order at the payee’s request.
  • Termly tuition fees not paid promptly on the stipulated date of payment will attract interest on such invoice at the Prime Bank Rate plus 2% per annum, subject to the maximum rate permissible in terms of the National Credit Act, 2005 (as amended).
  • Tuition fees, PTA levies and incidental charges must be paid in full by the end of each term to avoid further action.

Monthly payment

  • A debit order system administered by Brescia House School is the only method of payment for parents who have opted for monthly payment.
  • Monthly fees are charged for 10 months from January to October. These are payable by debit order which will run on the 1st day of the month.
  • Monthly payments are subject to a signed debit order mandate provided that the account is in good standing (i.e. fully paid to date.) Application for such an arrangement must be made before 1st December 2020. Monthly fees include a 5% premium on termly fees.
  • Please note the debit order form must be filled in on a yearly basis; it does not carry over.
  • Once the debit order option is selected, monthly payments will apply for the remainder of the year and cannot be changed to other payment options.

If the need arises, to amend your payment option, please liaise directly with the Bursar before the first payment is made.

Tuition fee invoice will be raised in line with your chosen payment option. Statements will be emailed to parents on 20th of each month and will be deemed to have been received by parents. Parents are requested to check the statement and contact the Bursar’s office immediately if there are any queries.  Statements are available on the parent portal.

6.3. Arrears

An account will be deemed to be in arrears if the full amount due has not been paid by the first day of each term or each month. These provisions comply with the requirements of the new National Credit Act.

6.4. Non Payment

The school reserves the right to restrict admission of any pupil in respect of whom monies due to the school are outstanding.

All outstanding accounts will be handed over for collection to the school’s lawyers and all costs charged between the attorney and the client (school) thereto will be for the account of the parent, guardian or responsible person.

6.5. Administrative fees

An administrative fee of R 200.00 will be levied on every R/D cheque received and or EFT/debit order payments returned by the bank for any reason.

6.6. Deposits

Please reference all deposits with your daughter’s pupil number which appears on your fee statement and her school ID card.

Our banking details are as follows:
Brescia House School
Standard Bank, Hyde Park
Branch code: 006605
Account Number: 610175742

6.7. PTA Levy

The compulsory PTA levy is currently R 515.00 per family and will appear as separate item on the statement. The compulsory PTA levy is payable per term. The increase on this levy is discussed and voted on at the PTA AGM, which takes place in March each year. All parents are encouraged to attend the AGM to exercise their voice and vote.

6.8. Queries

If you have any queries regarding fees or charges, please contact or the Bursar, Mrs Nina Turcic

Parents are expected to familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions. Please communicate with the Bursar’s office promptly and politely in all instances.


+27 (0) 11 706 7404


14 Sloane Street, Bryanston