Tuckshop - The Junxion

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Tuckshop - The Junxion

The Brescia House School tuckshop, The JunXion, is open daily from 7am - 3:30pm, however we do remain open later when we host large sporting events.

Coffee is available daily in the car park from the Coffee Shack Trailer situated next to the security office in Pytchley car park from 6h35 am - 7h30 am. Please support this as it is a PTA fundraiser as well.

Coffee is also available from 6h40am and throughout the day at The JunXion.

  • Mrs Kerry du Preez is contracted to run the school tuckshop and all the catering of events at the school. She is a trained Chef who has 35 years experience in the catering industry. The JunXion strives to provide a wide range of delicious meals, all freshly prepared on the premises. No colourants and preservatives are used. We pride ourselves in the quality of our food. Please consider using The JunXion more often, as our portion sizes are large and the cost of our meals/salads are very favourable.

  • A list of weekly specials is put on the portal and these also include vegetarian options. The online ordering system allows for a far greater menu selection, as opposed to our normal call order menu. Junior school classes have their food delivered to the grade.

  • The JunXion is run on a cashless basis during school hours, with the girls using their ID cards to purchase items from The JunXion Parents are requested to deposit money into their accounts preferably using the instant EFT option on the Tuckshop system. These deposits will reflect immediately on your daughter’s tuckshop card. You can restrict items on the system, you are also able to view balances at any time and purchases made by your daughter.

  • Birthday rings can be made very simple by ordering from a variety of options, and these are delivered directly to the classrooms. For more information or to place orders please email Kerry on tuckshop@brescia.co.za


In the event of a tuckshop card being lost, new cards may be purchased through the Bursar’s office who will in turn provide a receipt which can be taken directly to IT who will print a new card.

Girls who fail to bring their cards to the tuckshop, will be requested to wait until the girls with cards have been served.

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