14 Mar 2024

Brescia House School’s PTA Culinary Masterclass Adventure

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The Brescia House School PTA proudly hosted its first Culinary Adventure Masterclass on Saturday, 9th March. This exclusive cooking experience welcomed internationally acclaimed Chef Wandile Mabaso from Les Creatifs, offering Brescia families and friends a unique opportunity to explore their culinary creativity within the Consumer Studies classroom.

Chef Wandile is a qualified culinary artist whose style of cooking can be described as a ‘flavourful fusion’ of traditional African flavours and classical French techniques. He believes his legacy is to create food that is rooted in centuries of culinary traditions while paying homage to his culture and country, South Africa.

Being raised by a single mother, Chef Wandile had to take on a lot of responsibility from a very young age, and by the time he was 13, he was cooking meals for the family.

Brescia House School parent, Mrs Thuladu Khumalo, said: ‘Chef Wandile's expertise and passion for his craft were truly evident throughout the masterclass. We are already fans of his food, and the opportunity to witness his culinary skills in action was nothing short of inspiring. The information shared during the class was not only informative but also presented in a way that was accessible and enjoyable for participants of all ages.

What stood out the most was the fact that the food remained not only delicious but also a memorable experience for my 9-year-old daughter. It's not always easy to captivate the attention of a child, especially when it comes to educational experiences, but Chef Wandile managed to create an atmosphere that was both engaging and fun for her.’

Chef Wandile commented, ‘My partnership with Brescia was great and brought back fond memories of my childhood and when I learned how to cook. The Brescia masterclass reminded me of the passion I had when I was a young boy and how I had to navigate most of the learning myself as we didn’t have many of the opportunities afforded to learners these days in primary and high school. It made me realise how many young students can benefit from such classes and courses; not only for learning to cook but also to interact and get mentorship with professionals in the culinary arts industry from a young age. The Brescia House team was very professional and welcoming and made the experience all the more enjoyable. It is definitely something I look forward to hopefully doing with them again.’

Gaby Sithole, Brescia House School PTA Chairman, added, ‘The Brescia House School PTA is immensely proud to have initiated the first-ever Culinary Adventure Masterclass, a testament to our commitment to enriching our school community’s experiences. Hosting Chef Wandile Mabaso was a highlight, not only for the unique culinary skills he brought into our Consumer Studies classroom, but also for the lasting memories created.’

The Culinary Adventure Masterclass at Brescia House School not only celebrated the joy of cooking, but also exemplified the school’s commitment to empowering students to explore their passions and unlock their full potential.

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