Newton's Law of Motion

Balloon cars 3
Balloon cars 4

Last week the Grade 9 Physical Science students had the chance to test their skills by conducting their own experiments as they explored Newton’s Laws of motion. The experiments were based on the well-known Bloodhound Land Speed Record Project, which is an inspiration to pupils at the global level, exposing future generations to the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). The experiment required the girls to construct their own balloon cars. They observed the forces acting on the car and were required to record the force of propulsion through their own experimental design and conduct speed-time experiments using the model cars. Part of the experiment was to determine the effects of varying surfaces on the outcomes of the experiment, which saw the learners all heading out to the tennis courts. Who knows, perhaps we will see one of our Brescia House School students being part of the future land speed record-breaking team.