Gala Concert

Thalia Judge piano gr 11 gala concert
Varishtha Narismulu gr9 Gala Concert
Shankari Jayakody gr8 gala concert

A night of musical brilliance! On Tuesday 17 October, our talented Music Institute pupils took centre stage at the Gala Concert, showcasing their dedication and skill. This concert featured pupils who are playing at a Grade 2 music level and above and the standard was truly exceptional. Many of our young musicians are already performing at Grade 5 – 8 music levels. The evening was made even more special with a beautiful performance by our guitar ensemble. We are so proud of our musical prodigies and thank you all for sharing your gifts with us.

Rato Rakharabe gr6 voice gala concert
Natasha Lucas gr11 piano gala concert
Catherine Limpitlaw gr8 Gala Concert Piano
Natalia Fiandeiro gr10 gala concert
Kezi Matentji gr6 Gala Concert
Ines Balipursad gr 6 gala concert
Guitar ensemble gala concert
Gabriela Lucas gr7 Gala Concert Voice
Christine Jackson gr10 Gala Concert voice
Catherine Zang gr8 Gala Concert