Fermentation 21 CLD project

Gr 9 21 CLD 5
Gr 9 21 CLD 4
Gr 9 21 CLD 3

The Consumer Studies/Life Science 21 CLD project proved to be a delightful journey filled with fun and novel experiences. Students delved into the fascinating realm of fermentation, exploring its scientific aspects. The significance of fermented foods for gut health took centre stage throughout the project. Students had the opportunity to taste a variety of fermented foods, ranging from sauerkraut to Amasi, with some finding them challenging while others surprisingly enjoyable. Moreover, students actively participated in crafting their own kombucha, ginger beer, and sourdough bread. A standout moment in the project was the visit to Van Gaalen cheese farm, where students immersed themselves in the world of cheese making and indulged in tastings. Fantastic effort, Grade 9s!

Gr 9 21 CLD 1