Grade 3 Alice in Wonderland Avatars

Gr 3 Avatars Minecraft 6
Gr 3 Avatars Minecraft 5
Gr 3 Avatars Minecraft 3

“Creativity is intelligence having fun!” – Albert Einstein

The Grade 3s have had so much fun with our Theme of “Alice in Wonderland”. Using Minecraft on the iPad, the children were asked to design their own rabbit hole using “Alice down the Rabbit Hole” as inspiration. The children collaborated in pairs and used their problem-solving skills in order to teleport into an appropriate world where they could set to work in designing and creating their “Rabbit Hole”. The children thoroughly enjoyed investigating and deciding what objects they would import into their creations. They also had to design their own avatar which needed to look like Alice. It was delightful to listen to all the enthusiasm and joy being shared in each little group as they worked!