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Today Brescia House School held its annual CANSA Shavathon. The Shavathon is an event where we at Brescia House School publicly show our support for pupils, parents and staff who are dealing with cancer either personally or with a close family member or friend. Many people who undergo chemotherapy treatment for this illness lose their hair. People who shave their heads are therefore showing solidarity and support for those suffering from this illness.  It takes a tremendous amount of courage to DELIBERATELY have one’s hair cut exceptionally short or shaved off – if it was easy we would have far more people volunteer to do it!  We also use the Shavathon as a time to quietly remember loved ones who have died from this illness.

A very big thank you to the ladies who so bravely had their heads shaved, and those who cut off their ponytails (at least 25cm is needed in order to make wigs). Megann Horey, Bivika Govender, Erin Spindler, Dominique Farkas and Josephine Harty all donated their locks. Caitlin Felton, Julia Dedering and Mrs Ring took the plunge and had their heads shaved. In addition to this, another pupil, Danielle De Simone, also donated her long hair to the Kindest Cut Campaign.

At second break, the Sprayathon saw many girls – and staff- getting their hair sprayed.  A BIG thank you to all for supporting this worthy cause.  All the money raised will be sent to CANSA – an NPO organisation that offers very valuable services to people who are dealing with this disease.

We remain ever-mindful of those affected by cancer in anyway and thank our parents for their contributions towards CANSA.

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