The event is FREE, please download a ticket from Quicket


The event is FREE, please download a ticket from Quicket

Bronwyn Desjardins is the EdTech Coach and Resource Centre Co-ordinator at St Stithians Girls’ Prep. She is an Apple Distinguished Educator (Class of 2015), and ADE EMIEA Advisory Board member. Bronwyn has spearheaded the iPad rollout at the Girls'​ Prep since 2013 and runs a comprehensive approach to integrating iPads. She is a Nearpod Certified Educator, Edmodo Ambassador and Book Creator Ambassador.

“Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used to amazing effect in the classroom. The app's concept is simple. A teacher can create presentations that can contain Quizzes, Polls, Videos, Images, Drawing-Boards, Web Content and so on.”

Learn how to easily implement this dynamic, interactive tool into your lessons. Teaching will never be the same again. Works on ALL platforms!

Mitchell Struwig is a passionate, lifelong learner who is always striving to better the future. He believes that innovation can solve problems in Education and sees everyday as an opportunity to attain progress.

Learning through creating - A skill that has become as important as reading, writing and arithmetic is digital literacy – the ability to create content and participate online. Empowering learners to create content and share with others online can break boundaries, no matter their location, social status or educational background. Digital literacy creates unparalleled social and economic opportunities. We have a chance to advance the learning-by-doing approach through embracing digital literacy.

Beyanca Struwig is an innovative educator at Buccleuch Primary School, providing her learners the skills they need to be productive and caring members of society. She will share her experiences of using Minecraft in her classroom, including the opportunity to play Minecraft Education.

Tracy Heath  teachers Information Technology at Brescia House School, she has been a Microsoft Innovative teacher for four years.  During the lesson you will have the opportunity to create your own short green screen video using the "Do Ink" iPad App, and see examples of her girls work. Delegates do not need any equipment as it will be provided in the lesson.

Ronelle Klinck "My involvement in professional development for teachers started over 19 years ago.  The passion for teaching has afforded me opportunities within schools, tertiary institutions and in adult education. I am committed to the continuous professional development of teachers (CPTD) and the successful integration of ICT. I am particularly proud of my most recent high level achievements:

  • Tomorrow’s Classroom Today – A demo of what is possible, presented to Minister of Basic Education, Mrs Angie Motshekga (9 Oct 2017)
  • Presented with EduTech Leadership Award at 6th edition World Education Congress in Mumbai, India (23 Nov 2017)
  • Joining Advisory Council for World Education Congress (29 Nov 2017)

Looking forward to the session. Teachers will need OneNote 2016 to access the resources for the session."

Skype in the Classroom: Disruption to 21st Century Learning. Skype allows teachers and learners to travel without a passport, to the most remote and vast places around the globe. The following aspects will be covered during the session: Collaboration and sharing of best practise with Skype Master teachers and fellow MLCs from around the world; Conducting creative and innovative Skype lessons; Communicating in different languages and exploring various cultures; Virtual field trips or Career Days that promote critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Matthew Hains

Matt has been a teacher for 14 years. Computer Applications Technology is a subject he is most passionate about.  He has  won awards, travelled internationally for educational engagements as a presenter and attends many educational conferences as a speaker and guest.

He won Tech Teacher of the Year from ISPA/CozaCares in 2015 and received the Microsoft Innovative Educator nomination from Microsoft. Matt has been a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since 2016.

Creating a professional online persona & the effective use of social media to advance oneself and connect with others. 

Kathy Aitken is the Ed Tech Coach for St Stithians Girls' College. Her role focuses on assisting staff in using technology and integrating IT into their curriculum in an engaging and meaningful way. Having worked for 20 years in the IT Industry before joining Roedean School as an IT teacher and then ICT Coordinator, she is passionate about encouraging girls to learn to code, and runs the Girls' College Robotics Club.

Google Expeditions, because they are such fun! Teachers need to bring a cell phone or tablet with Google Expeditions downloaded. We’ll do a Maths lesson on calculating the volume of the pyramids, and a Geography lesson on the Aurora Borealis.

Zahraa Nakooda, Kirsty Sidwell and Lisa Grainger

"We are the Grade 5 teachers at the Girls' Prep who took a bold step in 2016 and introduced iPads as a tool for learning and teaching. We decided on using iTunes U as this was user friendly to both the students and the teachers. Embedding different apps, videos and documents into our courses proved to be both fun and easy to set up. Submitting work was seamless and assessing and marking time was halved. We are excited to share our journey using iTunes u with you and we hope to inspire you to try this platform." Delegates require an iPad with iTunes U downloaded.

Pam Macmillan is a passionate educator, having taught Mathematics, IT and CAT. As the EdTeach coach at St Stithians Boys' College, she is responsible for guiding staff in the use of all types of technology to support the learning and teaching process. She enjoys collaborating and sharing ideas, assisting teachers along their technological journey.

In this session, we will explore the use of digital breakouts to enhance your teaching. A digital breakout requires critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication and ….lots of fun and …. a little frustration. You will also learn how to use the collaboration ability of Google products to enhance your teaching experience.

For this hands-on session, a laptop is advisable rather than a tablet and you will need a Gmail of G-Suite for Education account to access the resources.

Megan Rademeyer

The Hour of Code movement aims to expose as many people as possible to basic computer programming through completing a series of simple activities that introduce basic computer science concepts. In this session you will see how to run a fun, interactive Hour of Code workshop using the materials found at  at your school. Running an Hour of Code workshop requires no special software, no knowledge of coding or Minecraft, and no prior experience of teaching computer science. All it takes is a teacher who has an hour and a class of learners who could benefit from having a little taste of coding.   

Allison Buchner "My name is Allison and I am the Natural Science co-ordinaries at St Stithians Girls’ Prep. I enjoy using IPads and tech to enhance and broaden our girls’ learning experience as well as make many areas more accessible such as; Skype, a Scientist, 3-D interactive apps and e books. ITunes U has also revolutionized the class work book. This allows for video lessons that can be replayed at anytime, anywhere, one-on-one discussions or discussions with the whole class. It also gives immediate specific feedback, using voice to text marking of work and it gives a running total of students grades. "

This session will focus primarily on  Edu Digital Breakout, Socrative, Kahoot! and I Tunes U with the focus being on Maths and Science. Delegates are encouraged to bring I Pads to the sessions as this will allow you to access the apps and start creating quizzes and courses straight away, which you could then implement in your classes.

Scott Giles School teacher by Profession - School changer by choice. Scott is the Founder and Director of the Technology Training academy a SACE accredited company offering training to teachers on the implementation and use of technology and concepts within the classroom. He is also the director and founder of Deftech, a company that aims to be disruptive by bringing in technology that that is changing the way teaching and learning occurs in the classroom and ensuring that our students have jobs for the future.

From micro:bit to Pepper the Robot Come see where the micro:bit can take our students and what comes after the micro:bit. Understand the full offering a micro:bit can offer your students with regard to coding, robotics and engineering. And meet Pepper the Robot - the first Humanoid Robot in South Africa.


TeachMeet Classrooms

Our first TeachMeet for 2017 was held on Thursday 30h March. 170 teachers attended representing seventy-eight school from across Johannesburg could choose 2 practical sessions during the afternoon. Microsoft through their partners SchoolNet SA sponsored the travel costs of the presenter from Cape Town.

Practical sessions, covering the following topics, were run in four Secondary School classrooms:

  • Minecraft in the Classroom by Dominque Cave, Computer’s for Kids Trainer.
  • Microsoft Classroom by Ronelle Klinck, Microsoft Teacher Ambassador.
  • Google Classroom by Matthew Hains, Microsoft Innovative Education 2016-2017
  • The Dynamic Classroom by Mark Hayter, Executive Headmaster of Grayston Prep.

Thank you for all the organising of the Teach Meet last week. I think it is a fabulous initiative….and the food and interaction with other teachers was a big bonus “  Paula


TeachMeet Classroom Hacks

Our second TeachMeet for 2017 was held on Tuesday 31st May and formed part of Microsoft’s Education Exchange (E2) – Africa. One hundred and twenty teachers from schools across Gauteng joined the delegates from the Microsoft’s Education Exchange Africa (E2) event.

Speakers presented their favourite classroom hacks to the gathered teachers in the Brescia House School Hall.  Hacks covered a variety of tools and practical tips for using technology in the classroom. The speakers included:

  • Two international guests - Stephen Reid and Sonja Delafosse;
  • Steve Sherman a teacher from Cape Town (who presented his session via Skype);
  • three Brescia House School MIE teachers (Tracy Heath, Wendy Sauthoff and Kevin Smart);
  • three Microsft MIE Teachers (Brian Slater, Freddy Chireka, Justin Harper and Matt Hains);
  • and Dominique Cave, South Africa’s Microsoft Global Minecraft Mentor from Cape Town.

 The event was also streamed Live on the Brescia House School YouTube channel. 


TeachMeet Dabble

School hosted its third TeachMeet of the year, on Tuesday 26 September.  Eighty teachers from other school around Gauteng, joined Brescia House School Teaching Staff to participate in a TeachMeet Dabble.  Teachers could dabble with Minecraft Code Builder, MIT App Inventor, Microbits, Scratch, Bloxels, and Microsoft Forms.


TeachMeet Party

Our first TeachMeet for 2016 was held on Tuesday 15th March. Over 200 teachers attended representing almost sixty school from across Johannesburg.

Teachers sat in at large tables in the atrium, and participated in a number of “Party Games”, including musical chairs.

“Thank you for a fun, beautifully organised and interesting afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Please extend my appreciation to all who worked so hard to make it a success.” – Bridget

“Thank you so much for hosting the Teach Meet. It really is the most fabulous initiative and such valuable information sharing. Your generosity in sharing ideas, information and your time is so appreciated.” – Jane

“Congratulations on a most successful TeachMeet afternoon. Everything was super-organised, the food and décor fabulous and the activities were great fun! The visitors at our table were friendly and forthcoming and thanked us for the great afternoon.” - Charmaine


Redefining Learning World Café TeachMeet

The Redefining Learning World Café TeachMeet hosted on 9 June 2016 at Brescia House School. The afternoon was part of Microsoft’s two-day “Hack the Classroom” event held for the South African Microsoft Innovative Educators. Over 100 teachers attended representing more than twenty school from across South Africa. It provided over 100 principals, teachers, librarians and school IT managers with an opportunity to learn about the transformation framework for 21st Century learning. The World Café is a whole group interaction method focused on conversations, sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and creating possibilities for action.


TeachMeet Dabble

School hosted its third TeachMeet of the year, on Wednesday 21 September.  Over 100 teachers from other school around Gauteng, joined Brescia House School Teaching Staff to participate in a TeachMeet Dabble.  Teachers could dabble in Minecraft, Hologram pyramids, lego robotics, Little Bits electronics and many other fun activities.


Think Tank

The Dell Think Tank program brings together industry leaders to discuss trending topics impacted by technology. The goal is to create an open and honest forum that fosters collaboration and reveals unique community needs and opportunities for technology to play a larger role. The Social Think Tanks are an opportunity to listen first-hand, discuss education needs and foster relationships. Since 2011, Dell has held think tanks on topics including education, healthcare, entrepreneurship and the changing mobile workforce. Events are in person and extended online for virtual participation on Twitter and via Livestream.

The first Dell Think Tank in Africa, hosted in the St Ursula’s Resource Centre at Brescia House School on Wednesday 25th February 2015, hosted over 250 Teachers, Heads, School IT Administrators and Parents. A panel of eleven, representing South African students, education and industry leaders joined Jon Phillips, Managing Director, Worldwide Education, Dell and Richard Firth in an open and collaborative forum around innovation in education.

Thank-you so much for inviting me to be part of the Dell event this past week. It was a most stimulating afternoon and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. … Well done to you and your team for a well-organised and planned event. It was clear that you had put much thought into the proceedings.”

“Many thanks for organizing the event. For me it was actually very encouraging as I felt  that at St Dominic’s we have been going the right way about it so far. Many confirmations emerged as the think-tank evolved such as: the need of a vision for the school as a solid foundations; the priority of a solid infrastructure and the ‘not going too fast’ ensuring that the teachers are on board. So from that perspective I was pleased about how the discussion developed and the guidelines which emerged from it. I think that the panel was balanced and everyone who participated got something out of the discussion, viewpoints and experiences. As also from our teachers I heard only praise. It has triggered even more enthusiasm for technology with many thoughts and ideas of how we can improve on our approach, particularly on how we prepare the teachers and our next step in putting technology in the hands of the students.“

I attended the workshop at your school last week. I wanted to email you to say what a wonderful, informative afternoon it was & how much I enjoyed it. The panel of speakers were really great and they had some valuable information as well as interesting ideas to share.

Great event you hosted. Certainly gave me a few ideas to mull over.”



Teachmeet Tea Party

On Tuesday 9 June 2015, Brescia House School teachers decorated the 12 tables that create a wonderful vibe for the Tea, and teachers attending commented on the effort that the teachers went to with the tables and they felt warmly welcomed.

The objective of the afternoon was to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. Teachers were seated at tables, a maximum of 12 people per table in Brescia House School’s Hall, each table had a Brescia House School staff member as the table host or hostess. Each table focused on a specific learning area, grade or device and teachers were encourage not sit with colleagues; but rather at a table whose focus area interested them. Tables focusses and the 7 presentations covered topics from Foundation Phase, Intermediate Phase, Senior Phase and FET.

Some of the comments receive from teachers who attended the TeachMeet were as follows:

Thank you and Brescia House for the most wonderful afternoon. Such a good idea to get together and share ideas, hints etc. The eats and refreshments were delicious, and the tables quite lovely. Thank you for the huge effort involved in putting the programme together to make it the success that it was.

Thank you for a wonderful TEACHMEET afternoon at your school. Brescia made us feel so welcome and you spoilt us with the ”goodie” bags and the most delicious eats and variety of drinks. I enjoyed the speakers and connecting with teachers from the different schools.

Thank you for an informative well organized event. It was good to meet likeminded teachers!!

Thank you for organising the TeachMEET yesterday afternoon. The catering was fantastic as per normal and the goodie bags were a really nice surprise.

The content was very informative and a valuable opportunity to network and gain new perspectives for application in the class.

Thank you for a wonderful informative afternoon yesterday. Thank you for all the effort and spoils. I know that this would have been quite something to arrange.


Out the Box TeachMeet

Our second TeachMeet, an opportunity for teachers, librarians, coordinators, heads & IT managers interested in innovation in teaching & learning to learn and share classroom ideas, took place on Thursday 1st October 2015.

The objective of the afternoon was to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas. Teachers were seated in small groups with a specific learning area, grade or device focus, in Brescia House School’s St Gabriel’s Atrium. Teachers were encouraged not sit with colleagues but rather with a group whose focus area interests them. The afternoon activities included a short talk from Cathy Plewman, author of the thinking skills handbook “Making you mind up”; a practical activity using devices run by and collaboration and sharing opportunities.



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