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Driven by the school’s mission statement, the main purpose of sport at Brescia House School is to provide each individual pupil with the knowledge and experience to want to be FIT FOR LIFE.

Throughout the school the focus will be on providing opportunities for participation, enjoyment and achievement.

Primary School Sporting Activities

Driven by the school's mission statement, the purpose of extra-mural sport for Grades 2 - 7 is:

  • To provide each individual pupil with the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, catering for all levels of ability. While healthy competition is encouraged, either within sessions or against other schools, enjoyment of the game remains paramount. 
  • To sustain a long term interest in physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, by improving fitness levels and fundamental skills.
  • To encourage girls to build a healthy self-esteem and gain different life skills, such as leadership, co-operation and communication. 
  • To keep the importance of winning in perspective within team sports, especially in the younger age groups - emphasis should be placed on playing to the best of one's ability, acquiring and improving skills and teamwork. This will assist in the development of positive values and character. 

Girls in Grade 4 - 7 are required to participate in a minimum of one hour of extra-mural sport a week. Girls in Grade 2 and 3 are invited to attend the extra-mural activities on offer but participation is not compulsory. However, once a commitment has been made to a particular activity, girls will be expected to attend regulary. Girls in Grade 3 are encouraged to participate in at least one extra-mural over the course of the year.

Although Grade 7's fall within the High School for Academics, they are regarded as part of the Primary School for their extra-mural sports programme.

There are a variety of activities to choose from in the school programme and pupils must be realistic when choosing activities and making commitments. They must ensure that they have a balanced lifestyle to prevent unnecessary stress. 

Sporting activities offered:


Cross Country

Diving Orienteering
Gymtastics Hockey
Multi skills Netball
Social Soccer Swimming 
Tennis  Social Water Polo

Uniform and Equipment requirements for PE & Extra-Mural sport

General uniform:


  • Bottle green skorts
  • White collared golf shirt with school badge
  • Predominantly white sports shoes
  • Short white socks (no "invisible" socks)
  • Green/white school peak cap/floppy hat
  • Green and white swimming costume, school towel (or similar gren towel) and house colour/green school swimming cap
  • Regulation school tracksuit

Sport-specific items/equipment:


  • Tennis racquet
  • Hockey stick, shin pads, gum guard
  • Green Brescia hockey socks (may also be worn for social soccer)

In Grade 2 and 3 tennis racquets and hockey sticks may initially be borrowed from the sports department (in the event of trying out a new sport). However, the purchase of a personal stick and/or racquet is highly recommended once a pupil has decided to continue with the sport



The school has an official tracksuit which must be worn for winter sporting events and fixtures. It is advisable for winter Physical Education lessons and may be worn with or without fleece.

The school blazer and jersey may not be worn as part of the sports uniform, either for Physical Education lessons or events and fixtures.


Secondary School Sporting Activities

Gerneral Aims:

There are a number of general aims that are common to all three areas of sport.   The most important of these are:

  • To develop an awareness of the need for physical activity in maintaining good health for life.
  • To encourage pupils to develop an interest in physical activities which will provide a recreational activity once they have left school.
  • To enable pupils to experience a sense of achievement as frequently as possibly.
  • To help pupils to learn how to co-operate with each other and work successfully as a member of a group.
  • To develop self-control and confidence.
  • To increase the motor skill of each pupil.
  • To provide talented sportswomen with an opportunity to develop high standards of performance in a range of physical activities.

In order to fulfill these aims, all pupils will be required to participate in Physical Education and they will be expected to adhere to the school’s co-curricular requirements.


Grade 7 – 9 pupils are expected to do one sport and one cultural activity each term. Grade 10-12 pupils are expected to do either a sport or a cultural activity each term.

The sports programme offers a variety of sport and will change according to the season.


  • Term One: Competitive – Swimming, diving, orienteering, tennis, equestrian.
  • Term Two: Competitive – Hockey, netball, soccer, equestrian.
  • Term Three: Competitive – Athletics and tennis.


All the latest news, results, dates and school information can be viewed through the School Communicator, which is updated regularly.

The School Communicator can be downloaded using the link on the Brescia web site or a disc may be collected from the phase receptionists. This will install a small program onto your computer that will load and appear every time you boot-up your computer (we suggest you install the programme at home and at work).

Using a “push” technology, we will be able to send you up-to-date information about all aspects of school life. This will include reminders of parent meetings, fixtures for sports matches, results, photographs, news items and more. In addition, you will easily be able to find contact details and the diary of events for the term.


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